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Monday, 14 July 2008

Review of Latest Neff Cooker Hood

Neff have recently launched a new series of models including a cube style cooker hood. Here we look at the features and design.
The series 6 hood from Neff, the D96K8, is a new cube shaped chimey hood. Over the years many manufacturers have launched new designs for cooking products, but only extractor hoods can have the fundamental design revamped, as ovens and other appliances have limitations to their basic shape.
The Extraction is a vital part of any kitchen to achieve the most efficient results when cooking, and this model has an output (Intensive setting) of 760 m³/h. This is about average for a good quality manufacturer but there are other models on the market with up to 1000 m³/h/
The most impressive feature from the outset is the flexibility of the configuration. It can be installed as a single unit but also with a single glass canopy accessory. Alternatively you can place two separate cube units side by side with a glass canopy accessory across them, meaning an extraction solution for wider range cookers up to perhaps 120cm width, and the great looks of a glass cooker hood.
Special features for this model include electronic control via push button operation which becomes automatic 10 minutes after running. The sensor feature means the unit decides how much extraction is required at any one time during cooking, and this saves on electricity.
Also as standard are 2 x 20 watt halogen lights and a saturation indicator for the metal grease filter.
This neff cooker hood will retail in the UK for around £920. Considering the specification it is quite costly compared to comparable elica models, which offer similar design and better performance.

Neff Dishwasher Overview

A peer-reviewed study in 2004 concluded that the best automatic dishwashers available at that time, when fully loaded use less electricity, water, and detergent than the average European washing up by hand. The dishwashers available today are even more efficient than then. The problem that a lot of the earlier dishwashers had is that they could handle plates and cutlery very well but were unable to effectively wash bulky items such as pans and casserole dishes. Most modern dishwashers have overcome this problem in different ways. A few of the Neff dishwashers available include unique VarioFlex baskets that give complete flexibility for the way we cook today and allow for stacking all kinds of kitchen items of all different shapes and sizes.
Tests have proven that dishwashers use less water than washing up by hand so it is not a surprise that a Neff dishwasher is triple A rated for washing, drying and energy performance. So it saves money, time and is better for the environment. To save even more money there is the option of using the timer to take advantage of off peak electricity costs. Before you decide on the dishwasher that you are going to buy, you need to consider what types of crockery and cookware you use and which dishwasher is going to be best for washing them. The Varioflex baskets on the Neff dishwashers give flexibility to loading, but this also includes RackMatic which means that you can stack very large items, making them convenient for large family homes that use bigger pots and pans. You also need to consider how much space in your kitchen you have available to allocate to your new appliance. Neff dishwashers are available as full size dishwashers, but if you have a cosier kitchen and space is an issue, there are also slim line options available.
The S5943X2 Neff dishwasher is only 45cm wide, but does not lose any of the features of the full size version and it is still surprisingly roomy- although better for smaller households than large families. Full size dishwashers In terms of safety, older dishwashers sometimes came with the problem of leaking and overflowing. Neff dishwashers include a feature called AquaStop, which protects inlet and outlet hoses from leakage. There is an independent safety valve, which prevents any more water from entering the dishwasher and overflowing. Neff dishwashers all come with a choice of programmes.
There is the option of an intensive wash for tackling tough, dirty dishes, an option of a delicate wash for glassware and fine crockery ad several other options in between depending on te model you decide upon.. They have been designed to include adjustable baskets and racks that help take the problems out of loading large or awkward items. If you do have a lot of larger items such as roasting pans and oven shelves, the large item spray facility available in all the Neff dishwashers would be useful. It showers the larger items to clean them more effectively.

Neff Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are still the most popular choice in the Neff range. We offer a range of finishes with either cast iron or enamelled pan supports. Neff gas hobs are available in six different finishes: black ceramic, black hard glass, stainless steel, white, black and nostalgic steel so there should be an option that matches most kitchen styles. There are six series of Neff gas hobs, ranging from basic functionality to high specification hobs.
In the Series 1 range, there is only one gas option. It has all the basic functions needed for cooking on the hob and comes with a stainless steel or enamel base and enamelled pan supports. This hob, like all of the others, comes with Neff’s signature oval controls. These controls are used throughout Neff’s hob and oven range so that they can be easily co-ordinated. The oval controls are designed to be easy to grip and turn, even when your hands are wet. Some, but not all, of the oven knobs are also retractable which means that they can be pushed away when they are not in use so that the front of the oven looks neater and less cluttered. On the stainless steel model, the oval controls are positioned at the side and on the black, brown and white models, dial controls are positioned on the side.
The Series 2 range Neff gas hobs offer three options of models, one of which is an extra wide hob and all of which have oval controls. The Series 2 selection comes with all the functionality and basics of the Series 1 models, but has additional features such as the flame safety device, which detects when there is no flame and automatically turns the gas off, making cooking on gas safer.
The Series 3 range Neff gas hobs offer seven options of models, of which three are extra wide hobs. Most of these hobs are available with the signature oval controls. The Series 3 selection comes with all the functions that feature in the Series 2 models, but come with a choice of steel, enamel or a tempered- glass base, the flame- failure safety device that features in the Series 2 hobs and also comes with sturdy cast iron pan supports that help to bring a bit of class and distinction to the kitchen. Cast iron is used in professional kitchens because it tends to be tougher and sturdier.
The Series 4 range Neff gas hobs offer five options of models, of which three are extra wide hobs. The Series 4 hobs come with the choice of steel or tempered- glass base, cast iron pan supports and flame failure safety devices that feature in the Series 3 range, but the Series 4 hobs also have FlameControl.
The Series 5 range Neff gas hobs are high specification models that come with all the functionality of Series 4 but with additional features. Series 5 features a ceramic base, the cast-iron pan supports that also feature in Series 3 and 4, but the Series 5 models also include a timer and flame failure safety device with a curved design full trim. There are four gas options available in the Series 5 range, one of which is an extra wide hob and all feature the oval controls.
The Series 6 range has a top end specification and is designed for people who spend a lot of time and care over their cooking. The Series 6 Neff gas hob is available with a steel or ceramic base and the Flametronic system. There are just two gas options available in the Series 6 selection, one of which is an electronic gas hob on ceramic glass.

Neff Extractor Fans

Each of the models in the Neff extractor fan range is designed to suit different styles of kitchen, whether yours is classic or contemporary style kitchen. The fans are all efficient and quiet, and they can provide an elegant finishing touch to your cooking area. The benefits of having an extractor hood in your kitchen are that it keeps the air in the room fresh by cleaning the used air or replacing it with clean air. A Neff extractor fan effectively ventilates your kitchen so grease particles, dust, smells, smoke and excess heat are no longer effecting the quality of the air in the kitchen. It also regulates the humidity in your kitchen, which helps to stop mould and damp problems.
Neff extractor fans come in six different styles. The Island chimney model has a dramatic design and suspends over a central island unit. This particular style is better for larger kitchens that have space for an island unit. But this style is not appropriate for more cosy kitchens that may have less space to spare. All of Neff’s extractor fans come with a choice of finishes- black, stainless steel, white and silver metallic grey.
The Chimney model is a wall mounted extractor hood and is available in a range of specifications from basic to luxury innovative technology and from extra wide to standard size so it will fit in almost any kitchen. All of Neff’s extractor fans come with halogen lighting that is crisp and great for cooking under. Depending on which series of extractor hood you chose, the integrated lights either simply switch on and off or can be dimmed to create an ambient glow or a bright light.
Both the Island chimney and Chimney styles of Neff extractor fan are designed to make a statement and a feature of your chosen extractor fan. The other four styles are designed to be less visible and to fit into a smaller kitchen.
The Canopy hoods design fits perfectly under an overhead canopy kitchen unit. This design is great for people who do not want to make a big feature out of their extractor hood. It is better placed in smaller kitchens as it is discreet and saves valuable space in the kitchen.
The Integrated Neff extractor fans are also designed to save space in the smaller kitchen. They can easily be hidden behind a cupboard or room door and can be pulled out when you need them so that they are not always on show.
Neff’s Conventional extractor hoods are designed fit neatly under a kitchen unit. They protrude a little bit and the controls are usually positioned on the front giving easier access for people who are left handed or have difficulty reaching.
The telescopic range of Neff extractor fans takes compact to the extreme. These extractor hoods are hidden in the wall and pull out when you need them. They are available in a range of finishes and can also be fitted with a decorative light pelmet.

Neff Ceramic Hob - Easy to Clean, But Will it Suit My Kitchen?

The reason why ceramic hobs are easy to clean is that they have a smooth and flat surface that allows you to access it easily. Some of the models featured in the Neff ceramic hob range are available with a 'Point and Twist' control for easier access. It controls the hob with a magnetic dial, which is removable. When removed, the magnetic dial leaves a surface that is easier to wipe clean. This helps to keep the hob neat and clutter free for a tidy kitchen.
There are five finishes available in the range of Neff ceramic hobs: Stainless steel, black trim, white trim, brown trim and frameless. Ceramic hobs can generally be bought as separate pieces or combined with other styles of hob depending on what is most suitable for an individual household. A lot of people do prefer a gas hob, which can sometimes be more effective than a ceramic hob, but a gas hob is not as easy to clean and does not look as neat.
If you were to go for a ceramic hob, there are six series of Neff ceramic hobs to choose from and they range from having very basic features such as in the Series 1 hobs, to top of the range hobs for more serious cooks and chefs, in the Series 6 range. The Series 6 Extra Wide Ceramic Hob T1683 is an 80cm four zone ceramic hob. Three of the four zones are dual zones and one is extendable, but all four cooking zones have their own LED display, LED timer with a switch off function and are Quicklight so a meal can get underway quickly.
This ceramic hob also has a memory function and a timer, but not all the series have this. The child safety lock and the safety cut out facility that come with the Series 6 hob are there to put minds at ease in a family home with children. Most of the new ceramic hobs have front controls so that if you are left handed, or find it difficult to reach, they should be easier to use. All the ceramic touch controls are found at the front of the hob.
This Series 6 Neff ceramic hob has Piezo sensitive touch control and won a prestigious Red Dot International Design Award for product design in 2004. The Red Dot Design Awards attract entries from over forty countries globally and are held every year.
The downside to the Neff ceramic hob units is that they have been specially designed to complement Neff ovens in their styling and functionality. There are color trimmed models available to match other appliances within the Neff range and there are new frameless models for a sleek appearance. Neff also designs hobs with oval knobs to match Neff ovens or versions which blend in naturally with the worktops.This is really good if you already have a Neff oven and other Neff appliances, but not so good if you just want to change the hob. However, the frameless option of Neff ceramic hob would suit just about any kitchen style and fit in with most appliances that are already present in your kitchen.

Neff Washing Machine- What to Consider When Buying a New Model

Firstly, you need to figure out what kind of washing machine you are looking for. Do you want a standalone washing machine or a combined washer dryer? The answer to that usually lies in how much space you have available to allocate as your laundry area. The Neff washing machine is available as a dedicated washer and is energy efficient and performs well. But it is also available as a washer dryer and saves you space, but means that if you are drying, you can not be washing and vice versa. So if you have a large family with lots of laundry, a standalone washing machine may be the best option for you.
Next, you will need to look at how varied your laundry is. For example, do you own a lot of silk that you do not want to get ruined in the wash? Do you have a lot of mixed fabrics, wools, cottons and bright colours? If this is the case then you need to choose your new washing machine very carefully. All Neff washing machines have a wide selection of programmes so that you can ensure that your clothes stay looking as new as possible.
For washing, Neff provide you with a multi fabric and multi colour wash, rinse and spin only, spin only, hand wash, wool and delicates, pre wash multi programme, variable spin speeds, reduced time option and intensive wash. And for drying, Neff gives you the option of sensor drying for cottons and easycare, low heat drying, smoothing to remove all those creases and save you a job and fluffing for your jumpers and knitwear as well as a reverse tumble action. So you can choose the option that you need and your clothes will not get ruined.
Now that you have decided whether you want a standalone washer or a combined washer dryer, and you have decided what programmes you will need depending on how varied your laundry is, you now need to think about whether you want any extra functions on your new washing machine to make your life a little bit easier. Neff washing machines offer several innovative, time saving and often disaster averting features.
The Neff washing machines that feature the Out of Balance system will automatically try to rebalance an unbalanced load. If it cannot balance the load, it will either reduce the spin or cut the spin out altogether to stop your clothes from getting damaged. You can also programme your Neff washing machine up to 24 hours in advance so you can set it to come on overnight if you are on a two tier electricity scheme and take advantage of the off peak rates. Some, but not all, of the Neff washing machines come with a symbol that lets you know when you are using too much washing powder so that you can make your laundry more eco friendly.
The most important thing to consider when choosing your new laundry appliance is to feel confident that you know your options and that the washing machine you go for has everything that you need to feel comfortable with your choice. You need to feel that you can leave it to get on with its job of washing your clothes, leaving you free from worry and with time to get on with other things.

Neff American Style Fridge Freezers - a Closer Look

There is an appliance for everyone within Neff's range of fridge freezers but the Neff American Style fridge freezer is an appliance for the larger family.
The Neff American Style fridge freezer is a large 'food centre' that can cope with the demands of almost any family. The total capacity of the Neff American Style fridge freezer is 536 litres, divided between a 352 litre capacity fridge and a 184 litre capacity freezer, which makes this appliance even bigger than Neff's extra large larder fridge. With that much space you will only need to make half as many journeys to the supermarket. But, this appliance is not just an extra large fridge freezer, it also comes with a lot of convenient features like its frost free, AntiSpill shelves and the revolutionary EasyClip system.
And this Neff American Style appliance uses only 522kWh per year and has an energy efficiency rating of an A, which means that the Neff American Style fridge freezer only costs on average £52.20 per year to run. Neff have also coated the inside of all their fridges and freezers with a special anti bacterial system to keep you and your family safe from invisible bugs and germs.
With such a large space for all your food, you are bound to get lost so the Neff American Style fridge freezer has dedicated compartments for the different types of food in your fridge such as the full width dairy compartment, full width wine rack and the egg tray. Along with the dedicated compartments, there are, of course, plenty of shelves and drawers with the Neff American Style fridge freezer including two shelves and two drawers in the freezer as well as five fixed door racks and two drawers and four glass shelves in the fridge of which three are adjustable. The shelves in the fridge are safety glass shelves. This means that if you drop one of them they will not send shards of glass all over your kitchen floor- a vital feature for a safe family home.
As well as the numerous practical features in the Neff American Style fridge freezer that are designed more for convenience than anything else, this spacious appliance also has several luxury features such as its illuminated door dispenser for ice cubes, crushed water and chilled water- but do not forget that this feature means that you will have to permanently connect your fridge to a water supply, but the Neff American Style fridge freezer comes with a 1.7m water hose and one water filter already supplied.
The Neff American Style fridge also has an automatic defrost feature and a frost free freezer so you will not have to defrost this appliance as often as you would an older fridge freezer. The Neff American Style fridge freezer is also electronically controlled and uses Krypton Light technology for improved illumination that makes this appliance really fit in well to any modern kitchen.
If you have a large family with a good appetite, then the Neff American Style fridge freezer has everything you need. It is big, it is practical and it is safe.

Neff Microwave Ovens- 125 Years of Practice

Microwaves were made to save time and effort around the kitchen. Meals that used to take hours to prepare, now take minutes and most of us would be lost without our microwave. Designed for convenience Neff microwave ovens can whip up a meal in half the time, using very little energy as microwaves only use about 1 kilowatt of energy per hour compared to the 5 kilowatts that many conventional ovens use. And if you forget to take the meat out of the freezer before you set off for work, it will not matter because having a microwave is the ideal solution if you need to defrost something in a hurry, or speed cook a dinner course.
Neff microwave ovens are all fully fitted so that they can blend into your kitchen as if they had always been there. Neff's compact appliances have several choices for you when you come to choosing what type of microwave oven is best for you. If you are just after something that will reheat a meal and defrost a leg of lamb then the standard microwave oven is probably best for you. But if you are after something that can do a little bit more then the Neff microwave oven range also includes a selection of combination ovens that allow you to mimic conventional cooking methods, but in far less time than it would usually take if you were to use a traditional oven. The aim of the combination ovens is to give the best possible cooking results in the least possible time and they can even cook a perfect roast if you decide on a last minute Sunday dinner.
Each model available in the Neff range gives you a choice of four finishes: black, stainless steel, brown and white. So you can easily choose a style and colour to suit you and your kitchen. Neff compact appliances are designed to work with your oven not instead of, so make sure that you think carefully about the height of your Neff microwave oven and where you can position it within your kitchen so that it is safe and most easy for you to get to.
The whole ethos of a Neff microwave oven is to make life as easy as possible and there is no reason why cooking should take hours after a hard day's work when it could take minutes. But there are features included in some of the higher end models in this range- such as the H5972 microwave combination oven- that can save you time and effort in other areas as well as food preparation. This particular model has a self cleaning back liner saving you another job around the kitchen, and even if you do decide to give it a quick wipe, the interior is made almost entirely of stainless steel, which means that it is easy to clean anyway.
Most of the Neff microwave ovens and combination models have automatic defrosting programmes so you do not have to guess how long something will take to defrost and popular menus and foods are pre programmed into many of the models so all you have to do is put the food in, select which ever programme you need and enter the weight and the Neff microwave oven will automatically select the correct power level and defrosting time for you. How far we have come in just sixty years.