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Monday, 14 July 2008

Neff Ceramic Hob - Easy to Clean, But Will it Suit My Kitchen?

The reason why ceramic hobs are easy to clean is that they have a smooth and flat surface that allows you to access it easily. Some of the models featured in the Neff ceramic hob range are available with a 'Point and Twist' control for easier access. It controls the hob with a magnetic dial, which is removable. When removed, the magnetic dial leaves a surface that is easier to wipe clean. This helps to keep the hob neat and clutter free for a tidy kitchen.
There are five finishes available in the range of Neff ceramic hobs: Stainless steel, black trim, white trim, brown trim and frameless. Ceramic hobs can generally be bought as separate pieces or combined with other styles of hob depending on what is most suitable for an individual household. A lot of people do prefer a gas hob, which can sometimes be more effective than a ceramic hob, but a gas hob is not as easy to clean and does not look as neat.
If you were to go for a ceramic hob, there are six series of Neff ceramic hobs to choose from and they range from having very basic features such as in the Series 1 hobs, to top of the range hobs for more serious cooks and chefs, in the Series 6 range. The Series 6 Extra Wide Ceramic Hob T1683 is an 80cm four zone ceramic hob. Three of the four zones are dual zones and one is extendable, but all four cooking zones have their own LED display, LED timer with a switch off function and are Quicklight so a meal can get underway quickly.
This ceramic hob also has a memory function and a timer, but not all the series have this. The child safety lock and the safety cut out facility that come with the Series 6 hob are there to put minds at ease in a family home with children. Most of the new ceramic hobs have front controls so that if you are left handed, or find it difficult to reach, they should be easier to use. All the ceramic touch controls are found at the front of the hob.
This Series 6 Neff ceramic hob has Piezo sensitive touch control and won a prestigious Red Dot International Design Award for product design in 2004. The Red Dot Design Awards attract entries from over forty countries globally and are held every year.
The downside to the Neff ceramic hob units is that they have been specially designed to complement Neff ovens in their styling and functionality. There are color trimmed models available to match other appliances within the Neff range and there are new frameless models for a sleek appearance. Neff also designs hobs with oval knobs to match Neff ovens or versions which blend in naturally with the worktops.This is really good if you already have a Neff oven and other Neff appliances, but not so good if you just want to change the hob. However, the frameless option of Neff ceramic hob would suit just about any kitchen style and fit in with most appliances that are already present in your kitchen.

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